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Elegibilty for membership of the New South Wales Police sub-Branch of the Returned and Services League of Australia is open to current  members of the New South Wales Police Force and or Police Forces of other Nations and to those members who are retired or honourably discharged from such Police Force, providing the applicant has served in the Australian Defence Force, or served with or supported , or was otherwise engaged with the Australian Defence Force, or the Armed Forces of its Allies for a period of at least 6 months.

Executive and Committee 2017 - 2020


Mr. A R Lauer, APM 

Commissioner M Fuller, APM

President: Mr. Mervyn Morgan, JP.   

Hon. Secretary/Treasurer: Mr. Bruce Howe        

Honorary Auditor

Mr. David Walton.  B.Bus.,M.L&Mgt.,FAICD


Mr. G Coulter, Mr. B Howe, Ms A Willett.

Vice Presidents:                          

Mr. G Coulter and Mr. A McDonald.                          

Committee members:

Ms. A Willett and Messrs. G Coulter, G Kay,

P Inman, P Biscoe, S Debnam, R Rodgers, 

and B Bernardi.

Pensions and Welfare Officer: Mr. A McDonald and Mr. B Collins.

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